Conservative Owen Shroyer dropped a “Trump Won” banner over the railing at the Arizona Diamondbacks game and security quickly moved to remove the banner from sight.

A female member of the security detail approached Shroyer saying, “You have to take that flag down immediately!” Shroyer asked, “What’s wrong?” She rolled her eyes and told him to take the flag down immediately, as she and a male member of the security detail grabbed the massive banner and bunched it up.

“They stole the election,” Shroyer shouted. Both members of the security detail told Shroyer, “We know.”

Shroyer told the security detail that they couldn’t take his banner. He told them he knows the rules, as they confiscated his banner and asked him to follow them out of the stadium. As he left the stadium, Shroyer shouted, “Everybody knows Trump won! And they’re more upset that I have a flag than our election was stolen.” He continued to repeat himself as he was leaving the stadium, “Trump won and everybody knows it.”

Once they got to the hallway in the stadium, they informed Shroyer that they would be calling the police on him, to which he replied, “They called the cops because someone has a flag! This is nylon! They steal our election and nobody panics. One person drops a flag and they call the police!”

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