Will radio host and television commentator Laura Ingraham become a prime time host at Fox News? The word is that Ingraham will be taking the ten o’clock spot.

The rumor started when Matt Drudge of The Drudge Report hinted that Ingraham had a spot on Fox lined up.

Ingraham has been telling friends that the deal is essentially done, with just a few details to iron out, CNN reports.

Ingraham’s taking over of ten o’clock is part of a larger restructuring of Fox’s lineup. Sean Hannity’s show will move from its current ten o’clock slot to nine p.m. And “The Five” will move back to five p.m. from its current nine o’clock time.

This shift was almost certainly prompted by the firing of Eric Bolling and concurrent cancelling of Bolling’s panel show, “The Specialists,” which previously filled the five o’clock slot. Bolling had been under internal investigation following accusations of sexual misconduct on his part, claims which Bolling fervently denies.

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Bolling’s sudden exit is part of a larger shake-up at Fox prompted by allegations of sexual misconduct. Fox Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes left in July 2016, while Bill O’Reilly left in April after 21 years at the network, both for similar reasons.

It is not known when the show will begin airing, but CNN’s sources say that the deal has been confirmed. A Fox News spokeswoman denied the existence of the deal to CNN.

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We certainly hope this is a done deal. Ingraham gets the Trump voter and isn’t in the DC bubble. Her latest tweet about an hour ago says it all:

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