When the Pence Family’s Aspen neighbors attempted to “shame” Vice President Mike Pence, “Conservative Gay Guy” came to his defense and called out gays whose lives appear to revolve around their sexuality.

It’s been said that good fences make good neighbors. But in Aspen, Colo., this week, Vice President Mike Pence has something different posted between his vacation lodging and that of the people next door.

Specifically, it’s a rainbow banner reading “Make America Gay Again.” It appeared on a stone pillar in front of the house where Pence and his wife are staying this week.

The daughters of the couple across the street and one of their girlfriends reportedly draped the rainbow banner on the pillar while a Pitkin County deputy and Secret Service members stood nearby, the Aspen Times reported. The stone pillar is situated at the end of the driveway between the two homes.

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According to the Times, the Secret Service agents were unfazed when the women draped the banner over the pillar, telling them, “We’re not here to control your free speech rights.” – FOX News

“Conservative Gay Guy” expressed his disgust for the people who placed the “Make America Gay Again” banner across from the Pence family vacation retreat. He tweeted: “I may be gay, but I’m tired of this crap. My life doesn’t revolve around my sexuality. I’m a person first. The so-called tolerant left just continues to cause more division in this country.”

Conservative Gay Guy is not afraid to call out liberal gays for being intolerant, he’s also not afraid to call out his liberal friends for their hypocrisy:

When Muslim “feminst” (LOL!) activist Linda Sarsour tweeted in support of Sharia Law, Conservative Gay Guy destroyed her with his response:

Conservative Gay Guy hit the nail on the head with this illegal immigration analogy:

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