Today, after CNN sued the White House for essentially kicking their grandstanding White House correspondent, Jim Acosta out of the White House press pool, a federal judge issued an injunction ordering the White House to reinstate Acosta’s press pass.

Judge Timothy J. Kelly argued that Acosta’s First Amendment rights trump the White House’s right to an orderly press room.

Kelly agreed with the White House that there is no First Amendment right to be on the White House grounds, but added that Acosta did not receive due process before his pass was revoked.

Buzzfeed reporter Paul McLeod tweeted: Judge agrees with the White House that there is no first amendment right to come onto the White House grounds. HOWEVER once they do open up WH grounds to reporters but denies others, first amendment comes into play.

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So, does the judge’s decision about Jim Acosta’s rights being violated set a precedent for other journalists, like conservtive independent journalist Laura Loomer who is frequently removed from events for aggressively questioning Democrats and leftist activists, as she asks the questions many Americans want answers to, but mainstream media journalists are too afraid to ask.

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Today, Loomer took to Twitter to give example after example of events where she was removed, saying she should sue them too.

In September 2017, indepedent journalist Laura Loomer waited in line at Hillary Cinton’s book signing event to confront her about the questions no one in the media was willing to ask. Loomer asked Hillary, ” So the American poeple would realy like to know, what happened to your 33,000 emails? What happened in Benghazi? What happened to the millions of dollars that were supposed to go to Haiti? What happened to Seth Rich? What happened to your health, Hillary?

Hillary laughed at her and refused to answer her questions. Loomer was promptly kicked out of the event.

Loomer said she should sue after Hillary had Secret Serveice throw her out for asking her uncomfortable questions:

Hillary Clinton had secret service escort me out of her book signing when I asker her and Huma Abedin a series of questions, as a journalist. I should sue.

Loomer also reminded everyone of the time the disgraced former FBI director James Comey had her escorted out of his book signing for asking him a question, as a journalist.


Loomer tweeted:

James had me escorted out of his book signing when I was asking him a question, as a journalist. I should sue.

Bill Clinton’s secret service detail kicked Loomer out of his book signing event at Barnes and Noble before she even got up to the desk to ask him any questions.

Loomer tweeted:

Bill Clinton had secret service escort me out of his book signing when I attempted to ask him a question, as a journalist.

I should sue.

Loomer also tweeted about the time Las Vegas Sheriff Lombardo had her banned from the Las Vegas shooting press conferences:

Sheriff Lombardo banned me from the press conferences. I should sue.

Loomer was also removed from the disgraced Tallahassee Mayor, and Democrat gubernatorial candidate, Andrew Gillum’s campaign event at a Florida synagogue. Loomer, who is a Jewish American, was furious that before the event even began, Gillum’s thugs were removing her from the event.


Loomer tweeted an article about her being kicked out of the trial of the Pulse Nightclub killer. In her tweet, Loomer says she’s going to sue the judge who kicked her out of the courtroom:

A judge in Orlando had me escorted out of a court house and confiscated my cell phone simply because I am a conservative journalist. And you know what? Now that I see Acosta was able to sue, you better believe I am now going to sue as well. I also matter. I’m a journalist.

When Laura Loomer and Rebel Media’s Faith Goldy attempted to attend a Muslim event in Toronto, to cover an event that was advertised “open to the public”, she was kicked out by the Muslim organizers:

Finally, Looomer retweeted conservative comedian, Mark Dices’ image showing that CNN’s Jim Acosta blocked him from accessing his Twitter account with the comment: “I should sue CNN for this.”

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