A conservative student from Siena College has been charged by the school with “adverse conduct” after posting nearly 600 flyers around campus exposing the hostility fellow conservative students face.

The flyers stem from an email where a professor said that conservative students were “miserable” to work with.

Campus Reform reports:

Zachary Butler, a junior studying political science, told Campus Reform that he is under investigation after posting 600 flyers on campus depicting an email exchange in which a Siena College professor called conservative students “miserable” to work with.

Though Butler was not involved in the initial email chain, he told Campus Reform that the school’s lack of response to this incident—and the broader climate of hostility against conservative students—deeply concerned him.

“So in order to keep the dialogue going, I took it upon myself—with the help of a friend—to post 600 copies of that email all over campus,” Butler said, adding that all 600 flyers were posted overnight on March 22.

Eleven days later, on April 2, Butler was served a “Notice of Charges” that claimed his flyering efforts have “adversely [affected] the health, welfare, and/or safety” of campus community members “or the name and/or reputation of the College,” and that he also violated the school’s posting policy.

While Butler agrees that he violated the posting policy, he refutes the charge that merely posting flyers negatively impacted the “health, welfare, and/or safety” of his fellow students and professors.

“What I would like to know is how my peaceful protest of posting screenshots of an email that was already publicly available around campus in any way adversely affected the health, welfare, safety, or reputation of this institution,” Butler told Campus Reform.

If Butler is found guilty, his sanctions could include anything from suspension, expulsion, withholding of his degree, probation, a fine, his parents being notified and possibly a transcription notation, according to the school’s Student Life Handbook.

College campuses no longer teach students how to think and articulate reasonable support for their positions and beliefs, opting instead to teach them what to think, finishing off the progressive indoctrination started in elementary school.

If this professor and likely many others on campus were not so openly hostile toward conservative students and instead encouraged them to truly be free thinkers, this sort of issue wouldn’t exist.

Yet, this school is not only creating a hostile learning environment in the classroom, but is making it clear they will attack and go after any student who dares to think for themselves and stand up for their rights.

It’s truly a sad time for higher education.

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