Mark Levin is not holding back on the snarky Obama-appointed Judge Matthew Brann (pictured below) who tossed the Trump campaign lawsuit in Pennsylvania seeking to block the certification of election results.

The judge got nasty in his comments and mocked the Trump team:

According to the Daily Mail, “Brann compared the legal claims brought up by Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani to ‘Frankenstein’s Monster’ and said some of the campaign’s arguments were ‘unhinged.’ In his ruling, Brann said the Trump campaign presented ‘strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations … unsupported by evidence.’ Brann was appointed to the federal bench by then-President Barack Obama in 2012.” 

The move was uncalled for, and Levin let him have it in a series of tweets.

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Mark Levin is a Constitutional law expert and lets Judge Matthew Brann know his decision to toss the Trump campaign lawsuit in Pennsylvania is “outrageous.”

Levin said he read the complaint and felt the Trump campaign lawsuit had a “reasonable basis in fact and law to proceed.”

Levin tweeted out one last comment saying he’s worried about the biased judges in the system.

“But I am increasingly worried about the judiciary buckling to the media and Democrat Party pressure.  After all, it is a lot easier for a judge to kill a case then take it up and follow it through, particularly in these critical cases.”

Sidney Powell has this to say about the decision:

“This particular judge was appointed by President Obama, we really don’t expect to win a lot of the district court cases, but ultimately the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court will have to get it right.”

Screenshots below show a drop in votes counted for President Trump:

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