We LOVE this guy!!!!  No one fights back against a leftist agenda better than hard-core, outspoken, conservative artist Sabo…

trump crucified full


Gotta love the RINO on the Rino…

Donald Trump has become the center of a new street art campaign, with work that can be seen all around Los Angeles. Today, Friday July 10, the Republican presidential candidate will be speaking to Hollywood conservatives at an event, and the Coalition for Humane Immigrants Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), has plans to protest.

dump trump bench

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The street art campaign comes courtesy of Sabo, who has become known for the provocative and hard-hitting style with which he tackles political issues.


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Here is a great interview with the very private Sabo (language warning):

More artwork by Sabo on the streets of LA:


Sabo identifies as conservative on his personal website, and has dedicated himself to producing politically incorrect street art, and his career highlights include works tackling abortion, Benghazi, gay issues, the 2nd Amendment, and a slew of Democratic politicians.freeway sabo

With President Barack Obama and 2016 Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton in Los Angeles to attend fundraisers last month, Sabo obtained an LED changeable message sign and programmed it to read messages like, “Expect Delays June 18-19,” “Democrats Begging 4 Money.”


A day prior to Hillary Clinton’s formal campaign announcement in April, Sabo depicted the candidate in an Elizabethan gown with a tiara on her head on images posted along Motor Avenue in Los Angeles.

the royalsAnd then there was our personal favorite artwork by Sabo of Hillary that showed up all over town:

Hillary Clinton Appears Slauson and Crenshaw Bitch

And if you’re wondering what this driver is about to find on their windshield, you can find a close up of the “ticket” below.

car ticketClose up of Sabo’s hard-hitting message on illegals in America:

close up ticketVia: Breitbart News

Here is some great advice from Sabo for anyone who would like to paste an anti-leftist message in your town, or anywhere you feel is appropriate:




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