Although they are among the worst and most evil of all humankind, convicted murderers are now given special consideration and respect when changing their gender identity.

Andrew Balcer, 24, is a biological man who brutally murdered his parents in 2016. He was recently moved from a maximum security men’s correctional facility to a medium-to-minimum security prison because he decided to identify as a female.

Andrew Balcer

On the night of Halloween, Balcer woke his mother, Alice, to tell her that he was having a hard time sleeping. She embraced him, attempting to soothe her son because she thought was experiencing a difficult, emotional time. As she held her son, he stabbed her in the back nine times, killing her.

Balcer then moved on to his father, Antonio, who he also murdered by stabbing him with a military combat knife called a ‘Ka-Bar.’ He also killed his family chihuahua named Lily.

He spared his older brother’s life, allowing him to run away after he told him “it’s not your day.”

Balcer, a teenager at the time, called the police to tell them, without remorse, what had happened.

“I snapped,” said Balcer. “I took my little Ka-Bar there and I drove it straight into my mother’s back. My father came up because he heard her screams and I stabbed the f*** out of him.”

Balcer nonchalantly added, “Oh, I killed the dog, too. It was barking.”

Andrew Balcer and his mother, Alice

At the sentencing hearing, Balcer’s older brother admonished him for senselessly murdering his parents in cold blood.

He said, “I still hear our dearest mother’s screams, every night as I fall asleep. Every morning as I awaken, they echo in my head. Her screams as she was stabbed by the son she doted on so much, the son she only wanted the world for, and would accept nothing less.”

“I remember the foul things you accused her of, and the looks of horror upon the family’s faces as they heard about them. You are an inhumane creature and the fact that you continue to pretend otherwise sickens me.”

In 2018, Balcer was convicted in 2018 and sentenced to 40 years in prison at the Maine State Prison, a maximum security facility for men.

However, state records were recently changed to list Balcer, who now goes by Andrea, as a female in Maine Department of Corrections (MDOC) records.

As a result, the murderer has been moved to the Maine Correctional Center (MCC) in Windham, which is a medium-to-minimum facility that holds both men and women prisoners. Most inmates at MCC are serving sentences of 5 years or less.

Due to a variety of policies, it is mandatory that Maine prison systems acknowledge the gender identity of its criminals and provide them with according clothing items.

In accordance with a bill sponsored by Democrat Rep. Charlotte Warren, LD 1044, Maine prisons must “respect and acknowledge an incarcerated person’s consistently held gender identity irrespective of anatomy or physique.” This bill also states that inmate housing must align with the individual’s gender identity unless this would present “significant management or security problems.”

In 2020, a bill was implemented by MDOC Commissioner Randell Liberty that requires state-run correctional facilities to provide inmates with clothing items that match the convicted criminal’s gender identity, including push-up bras and chest binders.

These privileges have been extended to the person who killed their family without remorse because God forbid they suffer from not having their preferred gender identity properly accommodated and recognized.

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