Boys who claim to be girls are dominating girl’s sports, they’re using girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms and now, a convicted murderer and male prisoner with a history of attempted escapes is self-identifying as a female, and demanding that he be transferred to a women’s prison.

Montreal, CA – A vicious car thief and prolific jail escapee who cold-bloodedly slaughtered an accomplice, and successfully sued law enforcement for damage to his clothes and loss of porn mags resulting from his capture, has seen a new stroke of luck after his latest lawsuit won him a spot in a women’s prison. In 1997, John Boulachanis and two fellow car thieves murdered a fourth accomplice, 32-year-old Robert Tanguay, and buried his body in a sandpit.

While his two co-conspirators stood trial and were found guilty, Mr. Boulachanis fled Canada as a fugitive from justice and was arrested 13 years later in Florida, where he had built a new life as a pilot of small airplanes with the aide of a string of false identities and a new girlfriend, Amanda Jones. His first attempted escape came in November 2013. He broke free of his restraints using an altered handcuff key, and forced open the window of the emergency exit using hacksaw blades, which he had hidden in his rectum and smuggled onto a bus that was transporting him and other inmates from Montreal Detention Centre to the Valleyfield courthouse. A prison guard apprehended Mr. Boulachanis seconds after he escaped the bus. Mr. Boulachanis claimed correctional officers damaged his $230 leather boots and $65 trousers during the course of capture. Mr. Boulachanis sued the Ministry of Public Security and was awarded $134 for his damaged clothing and lost property.

A psychiatrist had diagnosed Mr. Boulachanis with gender dysphoria in August 2018, and within two months, he secured a legal change of name and sex on his birth certificate. Now known as Jamie, he has been taking hormones to feminize his appearance since January. His applications for transfer to women’s prison were denied by CSC on the grounds that Mr. Boulachanis poses a risk, and that women’s prisons, which are lower security facilities than men’s, would not be able to manage him. According to CSC, evidence shows “women may benefit from a different correctional approach based on their specific needs.” Therefore, some security policies differ between men and women’s facilities, such as a prohibition on CSC employees using firearms at women’s prisons.

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According to Post Millenial – Jamie Boulachanis recently transitioned from a man to a woman under Canadian law and will have her case heard in which Correctional Service Canada is arguing Boulachanis shouldn’t be transferred to a women’s facility–in spite of a Federal Court order–due to public safety concerns and her ability to escape prison.

In the murder trial, the courtroom was told that Boulachanis was worried Tanguay was a police informant ratting on Boulachanis and his accomplices for car thefts and other crimes they were involved in. The jury was also told that Boulachanis was sleeping with Tanguay’s wife after his disappearance.

It’s still unclear if Boulachanis has yet undergone sexual reassignment surgery, although it was scheduled for January.

Last spring a judge ruled that refusing Boulachanis a transfer to a women’s prison is “discrimination based on gender identity or expression.”


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