Oxnard, California Police were captured recently on video telling a 93-year-old couple they are not allowed to sit in chairs on the beach. A police officer on a horse said the couple had to sit directly on the sand without chairs. The odd logic used to explain this policy is that anyone on the beach must keep moving. Even though the couple was social distancing, they aren’t supposed to appear as though they are permanently sitting in the same spot, according to KTLA. The rule doesn’t take the elderly into account because many elderly people are unable to keep moving on the beach. They can only sit and look at the ocean.

“Residents are allowed to walk, hike, jog, or bike as long as they don’t linger in any location and maintain a distance from others.” – Ventura City Council

Liberal logic.

Oxnard, California isn’t the only place with beaches that require visitors to keep moving. Many beaches in Florida and other places are requiring beachgoers to keep moving and prohibiting chairs on the beach. According to WTSP some Florida “beaches have reopened with restricted hours or rules in place to keep people social distancing and to prevent people from gathering too long on the sand.” 

Draconian rules lacking in common sense have been put in place all over America during the coronavirus crisis. States like Michigan’s Governor Whitmer asked stores larger than 50k feet to close off “non-essential” products. Stores were asked to comply by “cordoning them off, placing signs in aisles, posting prominent signs, removing goods from shelves, or other appropriate means — that are dedicated to the following classes of goods: Carpet or flooring, furniture, garden centers, and plant nurseries, and paint.”

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It’s almost like the rules were put in place with zero forethought.

Watch the video below where the police officers is heckled because he told the elderly couple to sit on the sand:

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