CORAL SPRINGS POLICE OFFICERS emotionally recalled the terrifying moment they entered the Florida school where a gunman was on the loose while deputies coward outside. THE COMPLETE PRESS CONFERENCE IS BELOW:

Daily Mail reports:

Coral Springs Police Department officers Chris Crawford and Sgt. Jeff Heinrich recently recounted their heroics during a local news conference,  describing the ‘surreal’ events of that fateful Valentine’s Day. Sgt. Heinrich was overcome with emotion so Officer Tim Burton began by telling his story of arriving on the scene:

Here are their stories:

It’s ‘as bad as you can imagine’Officer Chris Crawford, who patrols near the Coral Square Mall, heard reports of the school shooting on Feb. 14. He drove so fast to get to the school, at about 100 mph, that he scared himself, he said. He was one of the first on the scene and helped rescue a 14-year-old boy.

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He grabbed his rifle, and started running.


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