In late June, former Mark Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson testified in front of the Unselect January 6th Committee and made outlandish claims about President Trump.

She claimed that Trump attacked his own Secret Service agent and knew that “Stop the Steal” protesters planned to commit violence at the rally, among other things.

Her testimony was entirely based on hearsay, as she was not present at any of the events she discussed.

Shortly after her testimony, Secret Service agents on President Trump’s detail contradicted her and said they would be willing to testify under oath in front of the Committee to dispute her claims.

One of the people that Hutchinson claims to have received information from was former White House counsel Pat Cipollone.

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The January 6th Committee could have easily verified Hutchinson’s testimony by asking him if what she said was true, but chose to protect her and not mention her at all.

Breitbart Reports

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The January 6 Committee avoided asking former White House counsel Pat Cipollone questions about what star witness Cassidy Hutchinson said last month that she heard him say during the Capitol riot, the New York Times has reported.

By failing to ask Cipollone to confirm or deny the sensational statements attributed to him — such as that Trump officials could be “charged with every crime imaginable” by going to the Capitol during the riot — they avoided contradicting her.

Hutchinson’s testimony, which was entirely based on hearsay, was treated as a major breakthrough for the committee because she appeared to implicate former President Donald Trump and key aides — until her factual claims began to fall apart.

By failing to ask Cipollone if he actually said what Hutchinson, under oath, told the committee that he said, the committee avoided proving that Hutchinson committed perjury — while using her as leverage to force Cipollone to testify on video.

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