A special guest post published on Jan. 10, 2022, by attorney and author Jeff Childers of CoffeeandCovid.com

Jeff Childers of Coffee & Covid

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve written a handful of extremely important posts. I think today’s post might be one.

We might be looking at the end of the WHOLE pandemic — the political one, I mean. And it might happen fast. In today’s post, I lay out my argument that the Biden Administration has no reasonable alternative but to wrap this whole thing up in the next 60 days or so.

And if the U.S. ends the pandemic, the rest of the world will, too.

Strap in and let me know what you think in the comments after the ride is over.


⏰ Let’s talk about mind worms. According to USA Today, the “State of the Union Address” is usually delivered by the president in late January or early February, with the last one given by President Trump on February 4, 2020.


Biden’s first state of the union address has now been scheduled for March 1, 2022 — a month later than usual. He’s just a little slow. Or is it something else?

(I say his “first” state of the union because last year it was delayed until late April “for safety,” and it wasn’t a SOTU anyway — the media explained that, since it was Biden’s first term, he didn’t have much to report.)

I have a mind worm for you. There’s an interesting political dynamic shaping up, a kind of political vice grip that might just be driving federal Covid policy toward authenticity and an end to the pandemic. As we’ll see in the roundup, a lot of reality has been breaking through lately. Sure, some stubborn pockets of ignorance remain, perhaps even at the highest court, parts of which don’t seem to have gotten the memo about the death of the Narrative.

Remember how last week a federal judge ordered the FDA to go ahead and release all the Pfizer data? The data that the federal government (the FDA) wanted to take 75 years to reveal? Well, the bulk of it is due ON MARCH 1 — oddly, the same day as Biden’s SOTU.

By March 1, the floodgates are going to open up and 55,000 documents per month will start washing through. Using my lawyer brain, if I were Pfizer, you know what I would have written all through those documents? A lot of WEASEL WORDS. A weasel word is a squishy qualifier, an out. Like, “we can’t absolutely guarantee there won’t be deaths from these drugs,” or, “evidence suggests the vaccines may not prevent all infections.” That way, later, you can’t hold us to account. Because we TOLD you.

Who knows? I’m just guessing. But we DO know that the FDA fought, kicking and screaming, to prevent the release of the Pfizer docs. So whatever is in them probably does NOT support the Narrative, or at least, is politically embarrassing. Otherwise, they’d have been published before now. It seems like a fair guess. And it couldn’t have happened at a worse time for Joe Biden.

There are lots of solid reasons for Biden to want some positive Covid developments to talk about at the SOTU. Maybe the biggest one is that it’s his last chance to get the Nation’s attention prior to the 2022 Congressional election season. The Democrats learned the hard way last November that Covid mitigation policy is politically radioactive. It’s bad for business right down to the local races. Just look at Virginia.

The SOTU is Biden’s last chance to help move the needle back toward blue.

Think about it. If at the SOTU, Biden talks doom and gloom and three-layer N2000 masks and ninth boosters and college-by-Zoom, it will be like ripping the ejector cord on Dems all over the country who could lose their seats up AND down the ticket. Another HUGE problem is that teacher’s unions are drafting behind all the “doom and gloom” talk and using it as an excuse for lazy teachers to not work and phone it in from Cabo. And that, in turn, is fueling the soccer-mom revolution, aggravating working parents, and painting a lot of formerly lifelong Democrats bright red in permanent ink. Just look at Florida.

But Biden has another option. He doesn’t have to talk doom and gloom. Instead, he can say Mission Accomplished! Biden can claim success — he DID shut down the virus! He can be the liberator; the great emancipator who freed the country from all these horrible … but unfortunately necessary … imposed reluctantly but following the science … Covid policies. See? It’s done! Boosters worked! Masking worked! Lockdowns worked! It all worked, just like he promised it would. Promise: kept.

If they handle this right, they can give their voting base and sycophantic media agents all the necessary talking points to boost Dem prospects for the midterm elections.

But here’s the thing. To credibly pull this off, they have to start NOW. And they have to be quick: they only have a couple of months to turn the Titanic around. It is going to cause a lot of whiplash and mental hyperextension injuries to pro-mandate fanatics.

Still, they have some excellent tools handily at the top of their tool bag, don’t they? One possibility could be ending the testing. That will get cases down. And guess what? They’re backing off universal testing. Another easy move would be changing the definition of a Covid death back to what it always would have been before March 2020. All you have to do is update the website. And you’ll never guess what Walensky said over the weekend.

Panicky CDC Director Rochelle Walensky went on Fox News this weekend — FOX! — and was interviewed by Bret Baier. He asked her “how many of the 836,000 deaths in the U.S. linked to Covid are FROM Covid or how many are WITH Covid?” Director Walensky said something about how it takes a few weeks to get it together but “those data will be forthcoming.”

Until about ten minutes ago, the CDC said it didn’t HAVE any way to track that kind of information. Why would it? But now, apparently, CDC plans to release information about deaths from and with. What do you want to bet they’ll be REDUCING total Covid deaths shortly? By a lot.

It’s not just here in the U.S. The UK Daily Mail published an article on Saturday headlined, “‘Gloomster’ scientists admit they were wrong about 75,000 Omicron deaths.” Whoops! The experts were wrong? Say it isn’t so. And I bet you can guess which DIRECTION the experts were wrong. That’s right, fewer deaths. It’s an Omicron miracle!

On Jan 9, New York Governor Hochul announced that almost HALF of patients are hospitalized for “non-Covid reasons,” scattering the rotting corpse of the Narrative. You might recall that just last week she ordered hospitals to start breaking down the reported figures and showing how many folks ACTUALLY are sick with Covid versus just testing positive in the hospital.

We’ve been yelling about overcounting hospitalizations for two years now and they just noticed? Just now? Some some reason? Convenient timing.

On Sunday, the Guardian UK ran a story headlined, “End mass jabs and live with Covid, says ex-head of vaccine taskforce.” It says Dr. Clive Dix — former chairman of the UK’s vaccine taskforce — has called for a “major rethink” of the UK’s Covid strategy, in effect reversing the approach of the past two years and returning to a “new normality”.

Shocking the cores of the oft-maligned authors of the Great Barrington Declaration, Dr. Dix — without getting cancelled — said this:

“We need to analyze whether we use the current booster campaign to ensure the vulnerable are protected if this is seen to be necessary,” he said. “Mass population-based vaccination in the UK should now end.”

Ending mass vaccinations? Suddenly that idea is okay to discuss in the corporate media? Wow.

Here in Florida, the deep blue Sun-Sentinel ran an article over the weekend headlined, “Florida’s COVID cases and hospitalizations are surging, but the state has the second-lowest death rate in the nation. What’s going on?” The article BEGINS by noting that, despite high case numbers, Florida’s death rate is the LOWEST in the country — except for Alaska. Alaska!

What incredibly powerful force could make the Sun-Sentinel downplay the pandemic like this? So. Weird.

For its part, Florida announced that its official policy will now be to only test high-risk folks and folks who are symptomatic. About a week ago, the University of Florida shuttered its Covid dashboard — the dashboard that reported a daily ticker of student Covid cases. And they pulled the plug smack dab in the middle of an Omicron surge. Until about five seconds ago, “cases” were the red meat needed to feed the University’s voracious Covid mandates.


But the best example I can give you is that they promptly came out and fact-checked liberal-darling Justice Sotomayor. I am not making this up. You’ll recall that Sotomayor confidently told the lawyers during oral argument Friday that “100,000” children were in critical care and on ventilators with Omicron. The lawyers didn’t challenge her even though there aren’t that many total ICU beds in the whole country. But on Saturday — the next day! — the Washington Post ran an article headlined, “Sotomayor’s false claim that ‘over 100,000’ children are in ‘serious condition’ with covid.”

FALSE CLAIM?? What?? Here’s how the fact-checking article ended:

“It’s important for Supreme Court justices to make rulings based on correct data. … But Sotomayor during an oral argument offered a figure — 100,000 children in “serious condition … many on ventilators” — that is absurdly high. She earns Four Pinocchios.”

It might be unprecedented for a major liberal newspaper to call out a liberal Justice. What could be going on?

By the way, this is the same WaPo article that discussed the Amicus brief I filed last Thursday. Think about that. And they didn’t just MENTION our Omicron brief, they LINKED to it. I know, it’s unbelievable. Here’s the link to the WaPo article. Here’s the link to our brief that it shared.

There is even good news breaking from Australia if you can imagine that. On Sunday, an Ozzie federal judge promptly released forcibly-quarantined Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic. The judge overturned the government’s decision to cancel Djokovic’s visa, ordered his immediate release, and instructed the government to return the tennis player’s passport and other belongings. He even ordered the government to pay Djokovic’s costs.

I probably don’t have to tell you that, before today, Australian courts weren’t really pushing back much against Covid policy in that unfortunate former prison colony. Well. Maybe not as “former” as it used to be.

And, all of that roundup even omits recent developments like Biden not taking advantage of his “emergency Omicron announcement” to impose more mandates, but instead talking about buying home tests and Pfizer therapeutics. Or the CDC miniaturizing the quarantine period and letting folks come out of quarantine without testing. Or federal agencies taking the position that schools should stay open. Or admitting cloth masks don’t work. These are all UNPRECEDENTED things that have happened over the last two weeks.

See what I mean? There seems to be a LOT of sudden momentum surging in the direction of ending the pandemic.

If I’m right, we’re going to see even more of this, and pretty quickly, since Biden has to wrap it up in time to declare victory on March 1, which would explain why they pushed the SOTU back a month. They need the time to get the pandemic wrapped up.

I could be wrong. And even if I AM right, we’ll still be mopping up pockets of resistance for a long time, and dealing with odious vaccine requirements and stuff here and there. But either way, I’ll take all this good news and enjoy it. 2022 is starting out STRONG.

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