Michael Eric Dyson, author, and leftist agitator appeared on CNN to share some of his unhinged thoughts on Kanye West. Dyson had a lot to say, and not much of it made sense to anyone but the CNN host, who congratulated him on his hysterical analysis of Kanye’s visit to Trump’s Oval Office.

Dyson, never one to disappoint when it comes to lobbing racist grenades at anyone who doesn’t agree with him, really outdid himself when he called Kanye West a “white supremacist ventriloquist”…LOL!

This is a grand display of mass ignorance in the face of the downfall of democracy.

And we have a white and a black man joined together at the narcissistic hip, who refuse to understand that they are more a roadblock than a road to real democracy in our country.

This is white supremacy by ventriloquism. 

A black mouth is moving, but white racist ideals are flowing from Kanye West’s mouth. 

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Kanye West is engaging in one of the most nefarious practices yet—a black body and brain are the warehouse for the articulation and expression of anti-black sentiments that have been chin-checked by people with far more rigorous credentials. 


Conservative comedian Mark Dice does a beautiful job of exposing the embarrassing panic attacks by the Left that Americans witnessed following the visit by Kanye West (the man the Left now calls “crazy”) to the White House last week. Dice calls out CNN’s Don Lemon for saying Kanye’s mother would be rolling over in her grave.



For liberals in the media who are attempting to blame mental illness for Kanye’s irrational support of President Trump, Kanye made clear before he even met with Trump that his previously diagnosed “bi-polar” disorder was actually a misdiagnosis.

Yahoo News reports- Even before Kanye West’s meeting with President Trump concluded Thursday, the Oval Office meeting had gone viral, sparking reactions on everything from the rapper’s MAGA hat to his iPhone password. But one of the less meme-worthy moments of their discussion was the 41-year-old musician’s reference to his own mental health — specifically, his own alleged misdiagnosis.

“I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder,” West said, referring to a condition he first opened up about in June. “I was connected with a neuropsychologist that works with the athletes in the NBA and NFL. He looked at my brain; he put on three prongs … and he said I wasn’t actually bipolar; I had sleep deprivation.”

The comment was a major departure from West’s previous discussions of bipolar disorder, in which he has called it his “superpower.”

West didn’t say when he received the new explanation about his behavior issues, but he went on to say that the neuropsychologist he saw told him that lack of sleep was dangerous. “[He said] it could cause dementia 10 to 20 years from now where I wouldn’t even remember my son’s name,” West told Trump. “So all this power that I got and I’m taking my son to the Sox game and all that, I wouldn’t be able to remember his name from a misdiagnosis.”

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