Country music star Blake Shelton apparently had a lot on his mind earlier this week, as he took to Twitter and delivered a rather awesome message to young people about learning to think for yourself and watching out for media bias.

With the entertainment industry stuffed to the gills with brain dead liberal wackos, it’s super refreshing to hear this message coming from someone with this kind of cultural clout.

To all you young people out there. Make up your own minds about this country and the rest of the world. Listen, read, watch and decide.

— Blake Shelton (@blakeshelton) May 11, 201

And remember that Hollywood celebrities opinions or mine for that matter are no better than yours.. In fact I’d rather hear yours.. #truth

— Blake Shelton (@blakeshelton) May 11, 2015
Microphones only make a voice louder… Not powerful. Remember that.

— Blake Shelton (@blakeshelton) May 11, 2015
Oh and lastly.. When you watch the news channels, try to watch ALL of them. Every single one of them has an affiliation/agenda. Every one.

— Blake Shelton (@blakeshelton) May 11, 2015
Ok sorry about the lecture… Now back to my regularly scheduled drinking.

— Blake Shelton (@blakeshelton) May 11, 2015

Shelton is absolutely right.

Too many young people today are ready and willing to have their minds made up for them on important issues by going with popular opinion or being swayed by what celebrities think on a certain topic.

Celebrities may have really cool jobs, tons of money, and large platforms with which to spread a message, but that doesn’t mean their opinion is more important than anyone else’s, nor does it mean their views are right.

Young folks today aren’t taught to engage the world with critical thinking anymore. They’re taught to go along with the progressive program, and whenever a student dare think outside the box, teachers and cultural figures are there to shame them back into their proper place.

The media today is absolutely biased, and paying attention to what all the networks are doing is a good way to stay on top of differing sides of an issue, although some outlets are so far to the left it’s enough to turn off even the most objective, political centrist

Let’s hope Shelton’s message hit home and inspires some in the younger generation to start thinking more for themselves rather than just going with the flow of popular opinion.


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