Just weeks ago, People magazine reported on ailing Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg officiating a wedding at a private residence. Now the newlyweds have been forced to make their Twitter accounts private after hateful tweets from the left accusing them of “killing” Justice Ginsburg.

The bride posted a photo from the wedding with the caption, “2020 has been rough, but yesterday was Supreme,” but has since removed the tweet because of the hate she’s received from the angry leftist trolls.

A mask-less Justice Ginsburg presided over the wedding of family friend Barb Solish to Danny Kazin in August. Even though the couple had been tested for COVID-19 before the wedding, the leftist trolls still attacked the couple after Ginsburg’s death yesterday claiming they “killed” Ginsburg:

“TFW you killed RBG to show off at your wedding.” and another comment “imagine everyone knowing you killed RBG at your wedding.”

And this vile comment:

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“i think it’s funny that the lady who had rbg officiate her wedding without a mask has to now deal with potentially having killed one of the most beloved people in the entire US because she just had to have her wedding officiated by rgb so she could do an epic tweet lol,”

Because of the hate, the couple made their Twitter accounts private:

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The groom has protected his Twitter account too:

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