Alisyn Camerota sparred with Rep. Scott Taylor (R-VA) over President Donald Trump’s weekend tweet of a video in which he beats Vince McMahon with a CNN graphic superimposed on the WWE commissioner’s face.

Notice how Camerota just keeps on going even though Taylor shuts her down with so much truth! He’s awesome! Camerota is a political hack who has one agenda…she only wants to make President Trump look bad. In interview after interview, she blatantly attacks Trump and his administration. Who knows why Trump supporters attempt an interview with Camerota!

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Wow! This interview is hysterical! Sean Spicer runs circles around political hack Camerota…It gets good around the 3:30 mark…

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“I know it’s frustrating for you that we’re doing it in a logical way,” – Sean Spicer to Allison Camerota

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Camerota just can’t break Spicer…He’s too good at debate.

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