In a world where every email, every text message, every document can be backed up in the cloud with just a click, it’s a tad eyebrow-raising when crucial records go missing, isn’t it?

Especially when these records pertain to a committee with a task as monumental as investigating the events surrounding January 6.

The situation seems, well, fishy, to say the least.

Why, one might ask, would a committee dedicated to uncovering the truth have trouble preserving its own trail of evidence?

Could it be, perhaps, that they weren’t too keen on being investigated themselves?


The J6 Committee was allegedly tasked with shedding light on the Capitol Hill events.

Yet, according to Rep. Barry Loudermilk, chairman of the Subcommittee on Oversight for the Committee on House Administration, it appears that the illumination has a few gaps.

Reports suggest that the committee didn’t retain crucial records, including communications with the Biden White House.

How curious that those who were digging into Trump now seem to be, intentionally or otherwise, burying their tracks.

Furthermore, Loudermilk raises another flag when he claims that there’s no evidence of the committee delving into the significant security failures on that fateful day.

Given the magnitude of what transpired, this omission is akin to investigating a sinking ship without considering if there was a hole in the hull.

And let’s address the elephant in the room: the J6 Committee’s composition.

With the majority of its members being Democrats and the two representing Republicans being staunch anti-Trump figures, one can’t help but question the objectivity.

Both these Republican representatives faced political consequences in the form of censures and career endings.

Could it be that the committee was less about seeking the truth and more about furthering a specific narrative?

Loudermilk’s struggle to piece together the workings of the J6 Committee, thanks to missing documents and disorganized data, doesn’t just smell fishy; it’s starting to reek.

And it forces us to ask: If those investigating Trump are hesitant about being transparent themselves, what might they be trying to hide?

Perhaps it’s time for another investigation—this time, focusing on the investigators.

According to American Greatness:

The House Select J6 Committee allegedly failed to preserve records, including its communications with the Biden White House, foiling Republican efforts to investigate the committee’s work.

Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.), chairman of the Subcommittee on Oversight for the Committee on House Administration, told Fox News that the now defunct J6 committee also failed to provide any evidence that it looked into Capitol Hill security failures on the day of the riot.

The J6 Committee was comprised of nine members of the House—seven Democrats and two anti-Trump Republicans, former Reps. Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) censured both GOP lawmakers in February of 2022. Later that year Cheney was voted out of office, and Kinzinger retired from politics. Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) chaired the partisan J6 committee.

Loudermilk told Fox that he is having trouble gathering the information he needs to examine the committee’s work because key J6 committee documents, data and video depositions are missing.


“Part of our task as this oversight subcommittee is to actually address the security failures, look into how did it happen… how were these folks able to get into the Capitol,” Loudermilk said. He said the documents they obtained came over in boxes and was completely unorganized.

“Nothing was indexed. There was no table of contents index. Usually when you conduct this level of investigation, you use a database system and everything is digitized, indexed. We got nothing like that. We just got raw data,” he said. “So it took us a long time going through it and one thing I started realizing is we don’t have anything much at all from the Blue Team.”

House rules. They’re not mere guidelines or friendly suggestions.

They’re mandates established for a reason—to ensure transparency, to protect the integrity of the process, and to ensure the accountability of those in power.

And when a committee as paramount as the J6 is formed, one would think adherence to such rules would be of utmost priority.

Yet, shockingly, it seems the committee may have fallen short.

Now, just for a moment, imagine if President Trump had seemingly brushed aside crucial procedural mandates.

The uproar would be deafening, and the indictment papers might already be on their way to the printer.

Fox News Digital reportedly got its hands on letters between the offices of Rep. Loudermilk and Thompson, the chair of the J6 Committee.

The essence?

A disagreement on whether the J6 Committee kept the records they were, according to Loudermilk, mandated to by House rules.

If Loudermilk’s assertions are accurate, Thompson’s committee had clear instructions to maintain and submit all relevant data regarding their investigation by the end of the congressional term in December.

It’s not exactly rocket science, is it?

Fox News confirms the lack of preservation of the critical data:

Fox News Digital obtained correspondence letters between Loudermilk and Thompson’s offices in which the two disagreed on whether the J6 committee preserved what it was required to under House rules.

Loudermilk says Thompson’s committee was required by law and House rules to preserve and turn over all data related to their investigation at the end of the congressional term in December, and Loudermilk said as much to Thompson in a letter on June 26.

Was this potential oversight a mere mishap born out of incompetence?

Or does the absence of these records point to a more calculated intent to shield certain elements of the investigation from public scrutiny?

When you’re tasked with something as significant as investigating the events of January 6th, “losing” the records that you’re obligated to maintain and submit is not just an oopsie—it’s a major red flag.


In any other scenario, there’d be an immediate call for clarity, for a probe, for answers.

But for the J6 Committee, it seems they might get a free pass.

How convenient.

Perhaps what’s needed now is a new investigation, one that casts its gaze upon the original investigators, questioning their methods, their motives, and their alleged omissions.

After all, in the quest for truth, no stone should be left unturned.

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