It’s hard to believe but, while the feds are trying to control Americans who haven’t gotten a covid shot, they are releasing covid-positive illegal invaders into America.

How is it that Americans are told to mask up and pressured to get the vaccination but illegals can cough all over the place while infected with covid? Must be the ‘America Last’ policy from the Biden regime.

The CDC backtracked on mask-wearing today to make the “suggestion” to wear masks even if you’ve been vaccinated. Local municipalities are now able to mandate masks. The CDC is not weighing the cost/benefit of what this will do to our children. There should be plenty of pushback from parents. Citizens of Texas should be livid because of the double standard of letting covid-positive illegals into America.

Yes, the open borders Biden administration is letting covid-positive non-citizens spread around to towns across America. The latest alert comes from La Joya, Texas, where a restaurant patron noticed a group coughing and called it to the attention of authorities who investigated and found the illegals have covid. They were released by border patrol!

🛑🛑🛑Attention Citizens of La Joya, this is a Public Health Announcement.🛑🛑🛑
On July 26, 2021, a La Joya Police Department Officer was waved down by a concerned citizen at the Whataburger at 450 E. US-83, La Joya, TX 78560.
The citizen explained to the Officer that she had observed a family group who were not being observant of proper health guidelines. She stated that the family was coughing and sneezing without covering their mouths and were not wearing face masks.
The Officer was also told by Whataburger management that they wanted the people to leave the establishment due to their disregard for other people’s health.
The Officer approached the family and was told by them that they had been apprehended by Border Patrol days prior and were released because they were sick with Covid-19.
It was also learned that the family was housed at the Texas Inn Hotel located at 612 E. Expressway 83 La Joya Tx. 78560 by a charity group.
Officers contacted Hotel management, who explained that Catholic Charities of The Rio Grande Valley had booked all the rooms in the hotel to house undocumented immigrants that the Border Patrol detained.
Officers also observed that a group of 20 to 30 people staying at the hotel were out and about, the majority without face masks.
It was also learned that Border Patrol detained the agency, quarantining people who showed symptoms of illness or were positive for Covid -19. Then later, they were given custody to Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley to be placed in hotels in the McAllen area and La Joya.
Upon receiving all this information, officers contacted Hidalgo County Health and Human Services for assistance. Officers were told that the agency would look into the matter.
We want to inform the public about the current situation we have encountered and ask that the citizens of La Joya exercise social distancing measures and that they please use face masks to prevent the spread of Covid -19 or its variants.
La Joya Police Department has been assisting Border Patrol in the apprehension of hundreds of people crossing through the cities jurisdiction. The flow of undocumented immigrants does not show any signs of slowing down.
Border Patrol informed La Joya Police Department that on July 25, 2021, that they have surpassed 1 million apprehensions in June.
We also want to add Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley did not inform the La Joya Police Department that people who had symptoms or were sick with Covid-19 would be placed in the Texas Inn Hotel.
Please exercise safe health practices.

Tom Homan discussed this problem on Fox News yesterday:

This is outrageous. Lindsey Graham talked about the policy today. Not that he’ll do anything about it…RINO

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