WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced Wednesday that “COVID is here to stay,” hinting at the return of COVID-19 restrictions.

Let’s be clear!

COVID-19 restrictions return ONLY if we the people allow them too.

“The increase in hospitalizations and deaths shows that COVID is here to stay and that we will continue to need tools to fight it,” Ghebreyesus said.


Ghebreyesus also encouraged “at-risk people” to get another COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ dose.

From the WHO:

We continue to see concerning trends for COVID-19 ahead of the winter season in the northern hemisphere.


Deaths are increasing in some parts of the Middle East and Asia, ICU admissions are increasing in Europe and hospitalizations are increasing in several regions.

Still, data are limited.

Only 43 countries – less than a quarter of WHO Member States – are reporting deaths to WHO, and only 20 provide information on hospitalizations.

Globally, there is not one variant that is dominant. The variant of interest EG.5 is on the rise, while the XBB subvariants are declining.

The BA.2.86 variant has been detected in small numbers in 11 countries.

WHO is monitoring this variant closely to assess its transmissibility and potential impact.

One of WHO’s biggest concerns is the low level of at-risk people who have received a dose of COVID-19 vaccine recently. Our message is not to wait to get an additional dose if it is recommended for you.

Yesterday, WHO published an annex to our global Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan for COVID-19, which further supports countries in five critical areas: collaborative surveillance, community protection, safe and scalable care, access to countermeasures and coordination.

This follows Infowars’ Alex Jones saying two federal agents warned him about the gradual return of COVID-19 restrictions.

COVID Lockdowns & Restrictions Coming Back?

Masks allegedly will return in mid-September with the masking of TSA employees.

“Masks will reportedly return for travelers in October, and full COVID restrictions and lockdowns will return by December due to a new ‘dangerous variant’ from Canada,” WLTReport stated.

Per WLTReport:

Jones said he met with a high-level TSA manager who cited a Tuesday meeting, where the agency’s managers learned of new memorandums and policies to reinstitute masking.

The TSA whistleblower allegedly alerted Infowars and said ‘you gotta warn people.’

“We’ve been told this is going to happen,” Jones said the whistleblower told him.

After meeting with the TSA whistleblower, Jones said he contacted one of his federal connections at Border Patrol, who confirmed the whistleblower’s warning.

“Expect COVID protocols to begin rolling out middle of September and I said ‘what else were you told’” Jones said.

“Basically that they believe this new variant is super bad and that they’re doing the testing and they should just get ready for a whole new rollout of what happened before,” Jones said.

“That’s two federal agents that told me this,” Jones commented.


Infowars reports:

The TSA official also said next week they will receive new guidelines on how the policy will escalate: by mid-October, mask-wearing will be required by pilots, flight staff, passengers, and airport patrons.


After hearing from the TSA manager, Infowars reached out to our trusted Border Patrol source who is also a manager. This source confirmed the same directives were being given to Border Patrol.

They were told it was not a matter of “if” but “when” official Covid numbers will go back up and they expect by mid-October a return to forced-masking policies that the Biden administration previously only reluctantly ended after massive pressure.

Both whistleblowers were told this rollout will be in tandem with the new Covid “variant” hysteria that the MSM has been reporting on this week.

As if right on cue, we’ve seen reports of mask mandates returning to hospitals and mainstream media fearmongering about rising COVID-19 cases.

Hospital Reimplements Mask Mandates


If you believe in coincidences, the latest COVID-19 booster will be available this month.


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