VIDEOS: Covid Kiwi, Corona Coca-Cola, Pandemic Pawpaw, & ‘Rona Goat Test Positive for Covid-19


A goat, a kiwi fruit, a Pawpaw Fruit, a Coca-Cola, among “several non-human samples” have tested positive for Coovid-19 this year.  Here is the rundown on just 3 sets of examples:



A December 24 post by Robin Monotti on Twitter appears to show a laboratory PCR test in Italy done on a kiwi fruit.

In the video, Italian scientists in a lab appear to perform a PCR test on a kiwi fruit which comes back positive for SarsCov2 (Covid-19). This, of course, makes no logical sense.

In another video located at the Gateway Pundit, an Austrian FPR lawmaker Michael Schnedlitz administered a Covid-19 PCR test to a glass of Coca-Cola during a session of parliament in December.  “The soft drink, unfortunately, tested positive for the coronavirus.”  We understand that a Coca-cola’s chance of survival from Covid-19 are only 100%, so they should all be quarantined to protect the herd.


Finally, earlier this year, the president of Tanzania, John Magufuli tested a PawPaw Fruit and a goat (among several non-human samples) for Covid-19.  The results all came back positive.


Given these results, do you think we should be scrutinizing the testing methods and the people performing the tests more before imposing draconian governmental, societal, and corporate responses based upon the (mis)interpretation of their results?

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