Despite false promises by Bill Gates and big pharmaceutical companies, a woman in Alaska who previously contracted Wuhan CCP Virus in December and then got the experimental Johnson and Johnson shot on March 5th 2021 has now tested positive for the Wuhan flu yet again.  Her name is Kim Akers.

Kim Akers

Many people are rightly questioning the efficacy and safety of the experimental Wuahan CCP Virus therapeutics that are all being labelled incorrectly as vaccines.  This includes the military.  But Kim Akers does not.  She trusts the vaccines.  Yet, still, they have not appeared to work for her.  And, in fact, they may be irreparably harming her.

But, like millions of others, she keeps the faith in The Mighty Needle.

The Daily Mail Reports:

Akers, 50, received her one-shot dose of the vaccine on March 5 and later that month spent a cabin weekend at Lake Louise with family and friends, The Anchorage Daily News reported.

Akers, who has an underlying health condition, thought she was protected having previously recovered from the virus and waited more than two weeks after getting her shot. 

However, during her trip she began to feel unwell, experiencing fatigue, nausea and chest congestion.

‘I still didn’t believe anything was wrong,’ Akers told the paper. ‘I told my family I want to go home, ‘Not to worry – it’s not COVID.’ I said that’.

Yet, according to the testing, it was Covid.

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Stories all around the country and the world have cropped up of people receiving the vaccine and still testing positive for the virus long afterward.  And Akers says she experienced the full spectrum of symptoms associated with the virus the second time.  So, one might also conclude that the vaccine, which poses severe health risks of its own, is not working at all to prevent contraction of the virus or lesson its symptoms in people like Kim.  Is it also possible that the vaccine gave her virus?  Is it possible that it worsened her bodies response to the virus the next time she came in contact with it when she might otherwise have been immune, as many doctors have suggested?

We do not know.  These are all experimental biological agents with incomplete short term and no long term testing.

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Will you give this experimental shot to yourself?  How about your children, who have almost no threat statistically from the virus whatsoever?

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