Just before Donald Trump’s inauguration, David Leavitt who claims he writes for CBS and Yahoo said he wished Trump would die before his inauguration. CBS denies he works for them or has ever worked for them. Well, that was back in November and Levitt’s profile on Twitter still says he’s a contributor to CBS:

Comedian and political commentator Mark Dice actually made a video exposing Daniel Leavitt, who claims to be a “member of the press” and the vile remarks he made about our President:


Here is Leavitt’s response to the outrage over his disgusting comments:

The leftist, snarky, Trump hating “writer” reached a new low today however, when he tweeted: MULTIPLE CONFIRMED FATALITIES at Manchester Arena. The last time I listened to Ariana Grande I almost died too.”

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Because what could possibly be funnier than a terrorist attack in a  stadium packed with young innocent children…right David? 

Apparently Leavitt who has no obvious conscience, doubled down on his sick joke and instead of deleting it after realizing that he was receiving quite a bit of backlash, he attempted to make another joke asking, “too soon?”

Leavitt is no stranger to making sick “jokes” about dead people. Just last week he made another sick joke about the death of Roger Ailes:

Every day liberals confirm to independent and Democrat voters who have two brain cells to rub together, why the majority of Americans truly believe liberalism is a mental disorder.

Here are a few more tweets by a guy who gets paid to write for major publications that every day Americans accept as actual news. ***WARNING*** Some of the tweets contain strong language:

And lastly, from a guy who was bashing Comey on Twitter, there’s this post from a stereotypical liberal:

Here’s hoping this is the end of the cowardly social media warrior’s writing career and that David Leavitt will find gainful employment for the rest of his life “doing those jobs that Americans won’t do.”



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