Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin recently asked U.S. Army General Mark Milley about the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan and the botched withdrawal. Fox News noted that 74% of Americans are not happy with the way the withdrawal took place. Milley blamed the Afghan army and said everything else went as planned, except for a couple of minor hiccups when asked why this was.

“The collapse of the Afghan happened at a much faster rate. That was definitely a surprise. There was an awful lot of planning done.”

All of what Milley said is a lie. Reporter Jennifer Griffin failed to follow up that there are transcripts of calls between Milley and Afghan President Ghani that tell a different story. The call between the two men was a discussion of Milley asking Ghani to hide the fact that things were collapsing in Afghanistan. Milley knew it. This was no surprise!

Though there was chaos the first day of the withdrawal, Milley explains that everything settled down the next day.

“From a military planning standpoint, those plans were done in detail,” Milley explained. Who knows what kinds of details Milley is talking about. They must’ve forgotten the rudimentary details because last I checked to leave U.S. military equipment on the ground for the Taliban to take, and stranding thousands of U.S. citizens in a country being taken over by people hostile to us does not sound like everything went according to plan.


This is only the latest controversial statement to come out of Milley, who is garnering a negative reputation among the American people after his comments this summer. He said he wanted to understand “white rage.”

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