Donald Trump gave up a very fulfilling life working for his wildly successful business that took decades to build, so he could move his family to DC and pull the plug on the government swamp. He and his family have made unbelievable sacrifices simply because he dared to fulfill his promise to Make America Great Again. Sacrifices, however, are not something loudmouth liberals like Robert DeNiro are accustomed to. Hollywood liberals like Robert DeNiro, aren’t used to being challenged, so they hang out with other Hollywood liberals where their opinions are never challenged and their ridiculous emotional opinions are never questioned by their peers. DiNero found the ultimate “safe space” tonight, with a room full of liberal sheep at the Tony Awards Show.

Prior to Trump-hater Bruce Springsteen’s performance at the Tony Awards Show, has-been actor, Robert DeNiro, who’s been allowing Trump to live rent-free in his miserable head for almost two years, told his adoring audience:

“I just want to say one thing — F— Trump. It’s no longer down with Trump. It’s f— Trump.” DeNiro said while pumping his fists for the room full of sheep.

As President Trump is overseas preparing for a historic meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in Singapore, where he’s expected to make a historic deal that will include the denuclearization of the rogue nation, DeNiro stands like a coward on a safe space stage and attacks President Donald J. Trump with a vulgar insult, while  a room full of Trump-hating liberals jump to their feet and clap like seals.

Here’s the disgusting video:

***WARNING***Has-been actor with limited vocabulary uses graphic language during live, televised temper tantrum***

Anti-Trump rants at award shows by unhinged actors haven’t gone unnoticed by Americans who used to buy tickets to their shows in theaters. Actors like Robert DiNero and Meryl Streep have contributed to the anti-Hollywood sentiment by Americans who are no longer interested in supported these unhinged anti-Americans. Last year, at the end of the summer, it was reported that box office sales were down a stunning 25%. We can’t wait to see their abysmal numbers after another year of hate for the President responsible for stunning jobs and economic numbers.

Make America Great Again…and STOP supporting these anti-American actors.

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