Fox News, the cable network that prides itself on being “fair and balanced,” is starting to look more and more like it’s failing cable news and mainstream media competitors mainstream media outlets who refuse to cover the truth about the left and their radical, violent agenda.  Fox News host Harris Faulkner was on deck while Fox News was covering White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s press conference today when they suddenly made a decision to cover up the incredible violence taking place in Portland, Oregon at the hands of Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters.

“The Trump administration will not stand by and allow anarchy in our streets. Law and order will prevail in our streets, and I have a short video for you because I want it to be real for you what’s happening right now in Portland,” Kayleigh McEnany said, adding: “So, if we could play that video right now, that would be great.”

The video rolled on both screens on either side of McEnany as she waited for the media to view the short clip. Near the end of the clip a woman dressed in black, who appears to be part of the Antifa terror group can be heard telling law enforcement officers, ” I hope someone kills your whole f**king family!” adding, “I hope someone burns down your whole precinct while you’re inside!”

“Alright, we were not expecting that, and our management here at Fox News has decided that we will pull away from that at this time, “Fox News host Harris Faulkner told viewers as the network cut away from the press conference.


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What’s happened to Fox News? Why are they helping the left to hide the truth about the violence our law enforcement officers are encountering in Portland and other major cities across the United States by anarchists and Marxist BLM agitators?

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