A straw poll at CPAC Dallas reveals the strongest choice for 2024’s Republican nominee according to conservative attendees

Among Republican attendees and activists at CPAC, held this year in Dallas, Texas, the top choice for the Republican’s 2024 Presidential nominee could not be any more obvious.

When asked who they would be most likely to vote for, in a field of nineteen potential candidates, if their state’s presidential primary were to be held today, President Trump crushed the polls at 69%.

CPAC Presidential nominee poll for 2024

Although other polls have at times shown President Trump and Governor DeSantis as being neck and neck, the definitive CPAC straw poll blasts this illusion. DeSantis comes in second place, but with a 45-point difference between the two potential candidates. Ted Cruz comes in at an even more distant third place, with only 2% selecting him as their first choice in a race which includes Trump and DeSantis. No one else manages above 1% of the vote, and Liz Cheney is among those with 0%.

When asked whom people would prefer to see as President Trump’s Vice President pick in 2024, the poll shows DeSantis in the lead.

CPAC Vice Presidential poll for 2024

DeSantis finished atop this poll with 43%, with Kristi Noem’s second place only coming to 9%. Oddly, former Democratic Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard is in fourth place with 4%.


It is more apparent now than ever before that President Trump is the most well-liked choice moving into 2024. However, if he decides not to run for some reason, that is what other conservatives are waiting for.

Senator Ted Cruz, for instance, revealed at CPAC that he, like many other Republicans, is going to “wait and see” whether Trump declares before making a decision on potentially running himself. No one wants to step on President Trump’s feet or split the vote.

The Republican Party needs to show a display of strength and unity in the 2024 primaries, and, for Ted Cruz, that can only occur under the continued leadership of President Trump.

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