Just when you think you’ve heard everything…a nasty convict throws poo on people in court after he was sentenced.

OHIO – A 46-year-old convicted robber is facing new charges after he threw urine and feces inside an Ohio courtroom after learning his fate, WHIO-TV reported.

It all happened when Ricky Hand was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

“Did you just give me 40 years, sir?” the angry Springfield man asked the judge. When the judge replied that he did, Hand pulled four bottles loaded with bodily fluids from his arm sling and pants and tossed them at his lawyer and several deputies.

Hand, who was in court for a string of burglaries, was then tackled.

According to WHIO, Hand has been indicted on 30 charges including safe-cracking, breaking and entering, aggravated abduction and robbery.

Hand later told authorities that he’d been collecting his own feces and urine in Ensure bottles while in an isolation jail cell for weeks.

It is not clear how Hand was able to smuggle the bottles into the courtroom without being checked.

An internal investigation is underway to figure out what went wrong.

In addition to his previous charges, Hand now faces five counts of harassment with a bodily substance as well as obstructing official business and retaliation charges.
Via: wgntv

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