Just when everyone thought the “Crazy Fat Kid” couldn’t get any crazier! This has to be the funniest thing we’ve seen in a long time

Don’t think about asking your barber for “The Kim Jong Un” in North Korea.

North Koreans can choose between 15 sanctioned hairdos — none of which appear to include their leader’s signature swept-back style.

Twitter user Mika Mäkeläinen shares an image board with 15 different snappy styles men are allowed to choose from when they visit their barber in N. Korea.

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Because nothing says “trendy” like this handsome devil’s hairstyle:

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kju white kju un

“Equality in North Korea: Both sexes have 15 approved haircut models. You can forget about dyeing your hair though,” reporter Mika Mäkeläinen‏ tweeted.

The North Korean leader and hair icon reportedly first started wearing his hair in the voluminous style as a nod to his grandfather Kim Il-sung. –NYP

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