A guy like this explains why fireworks are illegal in some states! This crazy guy puts on a show of either bravery or insanity with fireworks. You won’t believe it!

The video has 21 million hits! Something about it is just so great! Maybe it’s the outfit the guy is wearing…LOL! He’s fearless! Watch how he calmly dodges the fireworks shooting out around him. Maybe the bravest one is the guy walking in front lighting the fireworks-WTH!

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FREEDOM HARD was created out of a need and desire for increased Patriotism–to create an opportunity for a unique outlet for our Veteran brothers and sisters.

“Freedom Hard” is exactly everything you think it is: American-made, Patriotic, Awesome, Red, White & Blue, Funny, Motivational and sometimes inappropriate.

Our unique business model creates a platform for our partners to work hand-in-hand in order to deliver the products and services necessary to bring back Patriotism in America. You see, Freedom Hard is much more than just funny and inspirational videos with cool apparel items… Freedom Hard is a lifestyle. Because at the end of the day:

It’s not if you Freedom, but how Hard

These guys are awesome Patriots! Happy 4th!

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