No, we’re not kidding -the money sucker of all time is getting a “loan”. AMTRAK has always been a loser but leave it up to crazy Uncle Joe to toss OUR money away for new chop choos in Washington, DC  and Delaware…yes, Joe is protecting his own before all you little people.  

Could someone please tell Joe Biden we’re close to 20 TRILLION dollars in debt? Holy smokes, these Dems love to spend money on boondoggles…

Liberals love public transportation and no one in government has been a better friend to Amtrak than Vice President Joe Biden, who just announced a multi-billion dollar federal loan to Amtrak.

Of course, calling it a loan assumes it will be paid back at some point. How is Amtrak going to pay back the loan when it has never even been profitable? Amtrak couldn’t even continue to exist without huge government subsidies.

Also, as you should note in the CNN report below, the lion’s share of the loan is going towards trains and maintenance in… You guessed it, Washington, DC.

From the report:

Biden announces $2.45 billion federal loan to Amtrak

Vice President Joe Biden announced Friday a $2.45 billion loan to Amtrak from the Department of Transportation, the largest loan in the department’s history.
Biden announced the new loan at his namesake Joseph R. Biden Jr., Train Station in Wilmington, Delaware.

The $2.45 billion will be used to purchase 28 new train sets for the high-speed Acela train between Washington through New York and into Boston. The money will also be used to rehabilitate railroad tracks and upgrade four stations, including Washington’s Union Station and Baltimore’s Penn Station.

Read more: CNN

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