Ironically, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot recently blasted a Newsmax reporter who asked her about the spike in crime in the city. The visibly irritated mayor claimed crime had gone down, but numerous statistics are proving her wrong (see below).

The latest crazy crime in Chicago is a shootout in broad daylight at 87th near Lafayette Ave….in traffic! The gangs and criminals are running free in the city, emboldened by the lax enforcement of laws.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot got into a testy exchange with a Newsmax reporter over ‘violent Chicago’…In the video below, the reporter asks if Lightfoot owes crime victims an apology, to which Lightfoot responded with lie after lie, claiming crime has gone down (see the facts below).

The truth is that crime in the city is out of control. According to NBC Chicago, the city is seeing a “spike in crime” that has people taking matters into their own hands.

A visibly irritated Lightfoot threw plenty of snark at the reporter because it’s evident she’s not used to anything but softball questions.

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Looking at the Chicago Police Department’s crime statistics, murders are up for this year. The Chicago Tribune recently published a claim that “2021 is so far the deadliest in 4 years.”

NBC News reported in early June:

Chicago police look to slow down crime as shootings spike…“Five people were killed, and at least 55 more were injured over the weekend; a week after, three people died, and 34 others were wounded over the Memorial Day weekend.”

And this from a Chicago Police Superintendent:
“Homicides are up by 5 percent, and shootings are up by 17 percent this year compared to the same period last year, Police Superintendent David Brown said at the news conference.”

A recent tragic crime in the city involving a young couple shot execution-style was also caught on video. It’s shocking.

The Newsmax reporter hit a nerve when he asked an honest question. It’s too bad the other ‘journalists’ don’t do the same.

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