Why would a county sheriff NOT hold a suspect in the U.S. illegally under an ICE detainer but allow him to get out of jail after being arrested twice? This is a question of lawlessness connected to policies of sanctuary cities across America. Mecklenburg County, North Carolina is the latest case of release of a criminal illegal:

Luis Pineda-Ancheta was deported in 2006 but returned and was arrested in Mayon several charges. After he fulfilled his conditions for release and paid a bond, he was let go.

One week later, he was accused of more crimes, and when officers went to serve him a warrant, he barricaded himself inside an apartment. After a long standoff, Pineda-Ancheta was arrested and again posted bond, but this time he left with an electronic monitoring device.

Pineda-Ancheta had been accused of domestic violence on both occasions but managed to be released twice even though he’s in the country illegally. The sheriff claims he was not aware that the suspect was in the U.S. illegally! Does anyone believe that? This sheriff is either lazy or has chosen to ignore the fact that this man is illegal.

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Sheriff McFadden had this to say about his reasoning for the release:

McFadden says rather than ICE issuing an order for arrest, they issued a voluntary detainer, “knowing that it is against my policy to honor such detainers.” The sheriff says his office would have honored a warrant for arrest from ICE.

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Why was the warrant for arrest not ordered by ICE? Isn’t it the job of this sheriff to do this on his own or does he have to wait for the order because of his hands-off policy on illegals?

Do the people of his county agree with his hands-off policy on illegals? Even criminal illegals?

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