2016 photo grab of a video taken in Detroit of Rashida Tlaib being belligerent and removed from a 2016 Trump event

This week, like most useless tired drunks at bar close, Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) cried crocodile tears for America’s wackiest unhinged bar tender, AOC (D-NY).  Yet she wasn’t even there on January 6th at the Capitol–just like AOC.  The tears and drama had nothing to do with the cameras or politics, of course…

Multiple Tweets attest to the fact that Rashida Tlaib verbally incited people during Trump’s tenure as president.  One of them occurred during SCOTUS Justice Kavanaugh’s hearings:

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Keep fighting?  But, according to Tlaib in 2021, telling people to keep fighting is incitement and a criminal offence against America

Yet, she was also celebrated by the mentally ill left when she physically disrupted a speech by Donald Trump in Detroit, Michigan:

She was apparently so violent, belligerent, and uncivil that she had to be removed from the room and video surfaced:

She seems like a very rational and reasonable person who believes in the US Constitution, doesn’t she?

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