The Republican Party should be so fortunate, as to have three aging, white, career politicians like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders running against each other while representing the future of the “diverse” Democrat Party…LOL!

Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden gave themselves a pat on the back for the gains made by Democrats in yesterday’s off-year election.
For Clinton it was that her political group, Onward Together, supported a number of new progressive grass roots groups that did a lot of work on the ground.

‘Last night was a great reminder of what’s possible when we come together and fight for what we believe in,’ Clinton tweeted Wednesday morning. ‘So I wanted to take a few minutes to celebrate the extraordinary successes of a few groups I – and Onward Together – proudly fight alongside.’

For Biden, who is keeping the door open to a 2020 presidential bid, it was his candidate picks.

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In a note, to supporters, Biden said Americans voted for a ‘different kind of leadership.’

‘And last night, nearly every single candidate that I endorsed at your recommendation was elected,’ he wrote. –Daily Mail

Why were Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden both taking credit for wins in VA, a blue state that went for Hillary in 2016 and, in spite of constantly being referred to in the media as a “swing state”, hasn’t been a “red state” since 2004 (see chart below):

New Jersey is and has been a blue state for decades, so all of the self-congratulations and patting themselves on their own backs seems rather odd unless of course, Hillary and Joe are setting themselves up for what would be the most entertaining ever Democrat presidential primary in 2020. Anyone who believes that Hillary isn’t up for another fight doesn’t know Hillary.

Fingers crossed…

Hillary’s great at taking credit for a win, but prefers to blame everyone but herself when she loses…”bigly”:
Hillary Clinton has blamed Russian hackers for her loss – along with many others. has been keeping track

James Comey
Vladimir Putin
The Russians
Low information voters
The electoral college
Anti-American forces
Everyone who assumed she’d win
Bad polling numbers
Barack Obama
White women
The New York Times
Joe Biden
Bernie Sanders
Bernie bros
People wanting change
Television executives
Content farms in Macedonia
The media
Steve Bannon and Breitbart
The Democratic Party
The Republican Party
Cambridge Analytica
Women protesters
Matt Lauer
White voters
Democratic documentary makers
Voter suppression
Mitch McConnell
The Supreme Court
Male bosses



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