MI GOP SOS candidate Kristina Karamo is a force to be reckoned with. Karamo, who is a magnificent speaker, didn’t disappoint tonight when she explained how Americans are losing their grip on our once great nation and how we are “up against” tyrants who are not liberals but instead are “authoritarians.”

Karamo explained how the hypocrisy of Democrats. “Doesn’t the media say, ‘We like to elevate black voices?’ and then look what they do to me!” Karamo said as she addressed the media. “The same media that loves to say ‘Believe all women,’ but then they parrot the lies of my ex-husband.” Karamo was referring to her ex-husband, who moved to the Bahamas from Michigan after the judge awarded Kristina full custody of their two young children after their 2014 divorce. The mother of two young daughters finally filed for divorce against her ex-husband after, according to Kristina, she suffered several years of mental and verbal abuse.

Karamo, like so many single moms who are victims of abusive relationships, struggled with her decision and wondered how she would support her children after she was left penniless. Karamo told me that she still remembers taking her daughters everywhere by bus for two years because she couldn’t afford a vehicle in a state where mass transit is not a common form of transportation. By the grace of God, Karamo’s parents took her and her two daughters into her home. Karamo, who is a woman of strong faith and a fighter, worked 2-3 jobs, put herself through college, and earned a master’s degree in Christian Apologetics. Today, her beautiful daughters are 13 and 14 years old and can occasionally be seen with their mom on the campaign trail.

Now that Kristina has become a nationally recognized conservative rock star, her husband, who now lives in Florida, has resurfaced and would like to be able to get partial custody of his daughters. Karamo’s ex-husband took her to court and made a ridiculous claim about Kristina threatening to grab the steering wheel of their vehicle and crash their car while he was driving with both of their girls in the back seat. The entire accusation is ridiculous, considering he moved to the Bahamas after this event allegedly happened, agreed to Kristina having FULL CUSTODY of their daughters, and didn’t fight for custody until after Kristina became a national sensation.

Of course, Kristina, who only receives $1/day for each daughter as “child support” from her ex-husband, has unequivocally denied the vile accusation her ex-husband used to try to convince the judge he should be granted time with his daughters after all of these years, but that didn’t stop almost every mainstream media outlet from reporting about it, without ever once contacting Kristina or her campaign to ask if the story was real.

The MI GOP SOS candidate Kristina Karamo explained that she’s not running for office because she “wants a new job.” She’s doing it because she “loves this country!” “This is why authoritarians all across America are pumping millions of dollars into my opponent’s race. Because they are of the belief that if they can corrupt battleground elections systems, they can control America.” She warned, “This nefarious plot is real—and it’s happening!”

Karamo also addressed Benson fighting a court case that’s demanding she removes dead people from the voter rolls in Michigan. She told the crowd that “one of the first things” she would do is “clean up the voter rolls,” saying “it’s not that hard to do,” and “the only reason she’s fighting to keep dead people on the voting rolls is because she’s an authoritarian The crowd began to chant loudly, “Lock her up! Lock her up!”


Several speeches by Karamo, who is a regular on Steve Bannon’s War Room show, have gone viral. Karamo brought the crowd to their feet in April for at least four standing ovations at Trump’s last rally in Michigan.

Again, following the MI GOP State Convention in August, Karamo brought the crowd to her feet and received thunderous applause.

Is it any wonder why the Left fears her so much?

Last week, Karamo began to introduce a series of blistering videos exposing the #DirtyDeeds of her Democratic opponent SOS Jocelyn Benson. Here is the first video is a series of 40 videos:

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