Before the Trump rally tonight, two wonderful men carried a WWII veteran to his seat (see video below). It was a touching moment.

President Trump just stopped his speech to thank the veteran for his service. The crowd went nuts!

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Tonight, this incredible WWII veteran attended President Trump’s rally in Arizona.


Huge crowds gathered today for the Trump KAG rally in Phoenix, Arizona.

America has NEVER seen this kind of support for ANY POTUS.

Don’t believe lying polls. Every Trump rally shows overwhelming support!

The Americans who come together for these rallies are called so many negative things by Democrats but these awesome people keep proving them wrong with their kindness and compassion.

One scene that played out was amazing and so touching. A World War Two vet was carried down to his seat by two Trump supporters.

Acts of kindness were everywhere. One Trump supporter even brought donuts for everyone!

The crowds outside were HUGE!


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