Wait one minute! Aren’t the protesters and violent bad actors the people on the left? The Democrats plan on joining with the lefties to wear safety pins for security from big bad Republicans and those who would “marginalize” or deport illegals. Hey, they broke the law crossing our border!


The lefties are so afraid but who’s getting beaten up and abused? THE TRUMP SUPPORTERS! The irony in this is rich…

This all started with Brexit in the UK:

In June, millions voted for the U.K. to leave the European union, and to their surprise, they won — with 52 percent of the vote. But while some celebrated, others were left shocked and afraid the break would cause a divide.

We’re just copying the same leftist idiocy. Can we all just grow up already?

safety pins


As protests continue across the country, some people are choosing to show solidarity with a symbol after president-elect Donald Trump was chosen in the latest presidential election.

They’re doing that with a safety pin.

People are wearing them to mark themselves as a safe space for people who feel in danger as a result of the election.

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Celebrities like Debra Messing promoted the practice, noting the practice’s emergence following the Brexit vote in the U.K.

“In a big city like London, or even in someplace smaller like a grocery store, or a coffee shop, we’re all just strangers to one another,” she wrote on Twitter.

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“It can be difficuult for all of us to either reach out for help or offer help. A symbol as simple as a safety pin can be an imporant first step in showing solidarity and support for people who are scared and upset at this time.”

#Safetypin soon trended online.

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