Fidel Castro died…hundreds of exiled Cubans in Miami’s Little Havana danced in the streets until dawn!

What will Obama do?

Remember when Obama skipped Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s funeral to go to Cuba to visit the Castro brothers?

Well, Obama has already called Raúl Castro to express condolences. He still hasn’t contacted the grieving families of recently slain police officers.

He’s embraced Cuba and even normalized relations with the regime that is so anti-human rights. 

On Obama’s last visit to Cuba, he was pictured in an awkward photo with Raul Castro in a sort of victory pose…except Obama’s hand was limp…awkward!

The Cuban community in Miami loves Donald Trump. There was a huge blow-up of Donald Trump at the celebration with people chanting “Trump!”.  cyk3qwfuoae30ba

They know what President-elect Donald Trump will do once he’s in office:

Castro’s death comes during the transition of President-elect Donald Trump, who pledged as a candidate to undo President Barack Obama’s policy renewing diplomatic relations and pursuing closer ties with Cuba. Via: Miami Herald


In case you were too young to know the brutality and history of Castro:

Read more: Miami Herald

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