Are Californians who shop at Kroger during the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic safer than Californians who shop at a local gardening store? Is it safer for citizens in the state of California to walk on the busy sidewalks of their neighborhoods than walking on the beach?

How much longer can far-left governors of states across America keep businesses locked down before business owners ignore their orders and open their doors to customers?

Yesterday, during an appearance on Fox & Friends, conservative author, and host of the “Rubin Report,” David Rubin, warned that at some point, Americans are going to break after prolonged lockdowns.

“It’s like, if you don’t let us do these things, then at some point people will break,” he reasoned. “What I think that the progressives are misunderstanding here is that Americans love liberty. Americans love being free. We will be responsible, and we’re willing to take some risk. But we can’t live like rats trapped in our houses forever.”

“Six weeks is plenty of time!”

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CBS Local – A Southern California restaurant is one of the businesses reopening in violation of state and local government orders.

Nomads Canteen in San Clemente has dining-in available as of Friday, with tables spaced out to ensure physical distancing, and patio seating as well.

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The Orange County Sheriff’s Department stopped by the establishment and owners are standing firm on their decision.

“I truly don’t believe I’m putting anybody at risk,” owner Jeff Gourley said.

Gourley says he was afraid of the spread of the coronavirus when the government mandates first went into effect, but he points to recent numbers from Orange County officials that show their county has fewer cases than L.A. or Riverside Counties.


Orange County also reported no deaths on Sunday.

“I’d rather have my business, my house, have some money in the bank when I get than be on the street when I get it,” Gourley said.

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