It took a whole 12 hours for NBC to delete the biased tweet they posted on twitter saying Oprah is “OUR future president”…Here’s the lame statement from them that nobody’s buying: BLAME IT ON THE LITTLE GUY…


Openly biased fake news organizations like NBC will get huge blowback when they tweet out something like what’s below….It’s so outrageous that even people on the left were ripping into NBC!

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The social media people at NBC must have gotten all worked up last night when they listened to the preachy speech from Oprah Winfrey. They tweeted out (see below) a very biased “Nothing but respect for OUR future president”.  Nothing biased about that, right? Well, twitter exploded with shocked responses because NBC was OPENLY biased. No sneaking around anymore. These people are not even bothering to pretend to be fair to President Trump.

When Oprah was presented with the Cecile B. Demille Award, she was allowed to spend waaaay too long getting political and holier than thou. It was truly gag worthy but that’s what you get when you go to “The Church of Oprah”.

It was a stretch to award Oprah with this lifetime cinema achievement award that many deserving Hollywood legends have won in the past. But…You have to remember that this Golden Globes had to be different because Hollywood needed a platform for their faux protest against sexual abuse. Remember that they knew but said nothing, and now they are crying from the rooftops against abuse because this hits THEM where it REALLY hurts…in the wallet! Yes, you guessed it! This is all about the money. Hollywood just experienced the worst year in the past 22 years. They need to redeem themselves so who better to got to than the “Church of Oprah”…



Notice how they pivoted from themselves and are now pointing the finger at all of us. Nice try but THEY are the ones who looked the other way when Harvey Weinstein abused so many. The shame is on them. So, nice try Hollywood but YOU need to clean up your back lot before you can claim the holier than thou pedestal. We’re not buying it!






We think Pat Sajak said exactly how we all feel about the trend at awards shows these days: Knock off the politics and high horse dramafests!




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