Matt Braynard wasn’t given the opportunity to testify during the MI State House Oversight Committee hearings, so he made this incredible video on Wednesday from his hotel room in Lansing, MI.

The Executive Director of Look Ahead America, and former Data Chief and Strategist for Trump for President, tweeted about his disappointment over not being allowed to testify, explaining that he decided to share his incredible evidence to the public in a video-recorded statement.

Braynard tweeted: Regrettably, I wasn’t permitted to testify this evening in Lansing. I feel particularly bad for Michigan United for Liberty who helped fund the trip here.

But I’m going to do now is return to my hotel room and give the presentation I had prepared for this evening.

Stay tuned.

In addition to shocking evidence related to absentee ballots, Matt shared stunning audio of phone calls made by the Voter Integrity Project that talked to MI citizens who never voted, but a vote was cast in their name by someone else.

Listen to his incredible testimony here:


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