Dan Bongino went off on Democrat Chris Hahn last night during an interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro…He’s so right!

Hahn says in January you’ll be calling the Democrat party the “majority party”. He goes on to claim that Kavanaugh is lying about his yearbook. Bongino goes off on Hahn…

Chris, here’s the difference between me and you. I’m not a liar and when I’m wrong or I don’t know I admit it. Just admit you have absolutely no idea when Judge Kavanaugh wrote “ralphh club” in his book… You’re just lying because you want to take and innocent man out because your party right now is evil. They’re not just bad ideas they’re just now bad people. I’m sorry. You’re on the wrong side of the moral arc of history.

Hahn is a total a$$!

Gateway Pundit reported on this moment on Judge Jeannine. It’s just another moment where the evil Democrats are lying but important to point out.


Judge Jeanine is spot on with her assessment that the Republicans caved to the Dems…She specifically calls out Jeff Flake for lacking the nerve to refuse to cave to the Democrats.


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