I live in a quiet neighborhood in a suburb outside of Detroit, MI. Two nights ago, I put a Trump sign in my front yard, less than 12 hours later, the Trump sign was stolen from my front yard.

An elderly man donated a handmade Trump sign to the home of my good friend Meshawn Maddock and her husband, State Representative Matt Maddock (R-MI). Yesterday morning, they discovered that someone had taken a baseball bat to their Trump sign.

Matt and Meshawn, two of the hardest working conservatives in Michigan, are used to having Trump signs vandalized in front of their home in a rural Michigan town. Instead of getting angry, they shared photos of virtue-signaling signs frequently found in the front yard of liberals, including a sign promoting Matt’s Democrat opponent, Denise Forrest. The virtue-signaling signs, that are frequently found in the front yards of Democrats, are a great example of the hypocrisy of liberals, who claim to possess characteristics like, “civility, respect, and kindness,” and then take a baseball bat to someone else’s personal property because they can’t accept that anyone might have a viewpoint that doesn’t align with theirs.

Some respectful, kind, civil, peaceful protestors took a baseball bat to our Trump sign last night. This sign was made…

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Posted by Matt Maddock on Saturday, October 3, 2020

Conservative personality Dan Bongino, who regularly appears as a guest on Fox News, posted a hilarious message to the person or people who stole his Trump signs.


…And that is how positive, good-natured Trump supporters deal with nasty, laws don’t apply to me liberals.



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