Dan Bongino joined Tucker Carlson to discuss the truly stunning news that human intel was placed in the Trump campaign. Tucker Carlson says that apparently the FBI and DOJ hid the information…Wow! Why is this NOT front page news?

Bongino refers to the bombshell interview from Devin Nunes (see video below) just weeks ago where Nunes told Maria Bartiromo:  “That there was no official foreign intelligence, through official channels passed into the United States.”

Bongino had this to say about the shocking news:

A human intelligence asset may have been inserted in your political rivals campaign? How this isn’t front page news on every newspaper across the globe is stunning. But Tucker that’s not it though. Keep in mind, just a couple weeks ago Devin Nunes on this network in an interview with Maria Bartiromo had another bombshell. That there was no official foreign intelligence, through official channels passed into the United States.

I have my suspicions about who this asset is as do many others by the way. This is going to be explosive though when this name comes out. Becase the list os suspects is very short. And there are some very suspicious people who are connected to people within our intelligence community now… I believe there is more than one source for the FBI.

Bongino says he’s telling things that are already out there. Bongino then goes on to give an example of stunning information that’s readily available for front page news.

He closes the interview with “this is a big contaminated witches brew”.


Congressman Devin Nunes joined Maria Bartiromo to catch us up on what’s happening in the ongoing investigations of President Trump and others. Nunes discusses how important it is to find out what evidence there was to go ahead with an investigation…the answer is that there was NONE.

He discusses how there was no intelligence that passed from the “Five Eyes” (Australia, UK, New Zealand, Canada and the US) to our government. Dunes says they’re trying to figure out how the info got into the FBI’s hands (see below). What are the origins of the FBI’s Russia information? Did Obama go through backchannels and around US intel agencies to spy on Trump?


This is a major problem because it hurts trust between the US and their partners. Nunes says, “it’s really serious stuff”.

Bartiromo brings up whether Hillary Clinton was pulling the strings at the State Department to go after Trump. Nunes brings up the fact that Blumenthal was pushing information to the State Department.

Nunes says the Dems went for a collusion charge and now it’s obstruction but there’s no obstruction either. They’ve got nothing…

Releasing the Comey memos proves Trump is clear but Comey has much to answer for.

Bartiromo brings up McCabe and Comey going back and forth about who’s telling the truth. Who goes to the slammer? It’s looking like both men should go to jail.


Did Obama Go Around U.S. Intel to Spy on Trump…British Intel Chief Abruptly Resigns After Trump Inauguration [Video]

One person not mentioned in the investigation of spying on President Trump is the former director of British intel who abruptly resigned right after the Trump inauguration. Judge Napolitano was almost fired for opening up the can of worms to tell the truth on how Obama skirted U.S. intel agencies to use British intel to spy on Trump without getting caught. Has Robert Hannigan been interviewed? If not, we think he needs to be on the hot seat. He is a young guy and had finally reached the top of his game after being named director of GCHQ just two years prior.


Robert Hannigan, the director of GCHQ, has resigned from his job as head of one of the three Government intelligence agencies after just two years. GCHQ would only say that Mr Hannigan had left his post for “personal reasons” and that he was not sacked or subject to disciplinary proceedings.


“GCHQ director Robert Hannigan is stepping down after only two years as chief of the cyber spy agency for “personal reasons,” the intelligence service has announced.”

Recall also that Judge Napolitano said three sources told him the British spy agency had something to do with the witch hunt on Trump:
JUDGE NAPOLITANO was on FOX & Friends discussing the Obama administration’s efforts to spy on Donald Trump. Three intel sources have disclosed to the network that Obama went to British intelligence to get the goods on Trump, but we may never be able to prove it…
JUDGE NAPOLITANO: “Three intelligence sources have informed FOX News that President Obama went outside the chain of command. He didn’t use the NSA, he didn’t use the CIA, he didn’t use the FBI and he didn’t use the Department of Justice…He used *GCHQ.” *GCHQ is a British intel agency

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