Adriana Kuch, a 14-year-old from New Jersey, has taken her own life after a bullying incident went viral, leaving her “embarrassed” and subjected to online harassment.

On February 1, Adriana was beaten by a female bully in the hallway of Central Regional High School. The incident was filmed, as most everything is nowadays, and was disturbingly posted to social media. The horrifying attack went viral, prompting vicious comments on social media platforms.

The teenage victim was left with a busted lip and was severely bruised on her legs and face.

Adriana Kuch’s busted lip from school hallway assault


Adriana Kuch’s bruised leg from hallway assault

Two days later, Adriana received a cruel text message from one of the girls who filmed the attack, making fun of her for getting her “a** whooped” and for “dripping” blood on the floor.

Hours after receiving this text, Adriana took her own life in her bedroom at her family home in Berkeley Township, New Jersey.

Adriana Kuch

Four teenage girls have since been charged in the attack, but their identities have not been released because they are all minors.

In the disgusting video, someone is preemptively recording because the attack was premeditated. Adriana was walking in the hallway with her boyfriend, when a black teenager walked up and smashed a 20-oz filled-up water bottle into Adriana’s face, knocking her to the ground.

Adriana’s boyfriend tried to hold off the attacker, but she was able to drag Adriana by her hair and landed major punches on her head. Adriana blacked out before faculty was even able to intervene.

As this was taking place, the girl recording the video was LAUGHING and, after faculty stepped in to stop the attack, she yelled, “That’s what you get stupid a** hoe, hoe a** b*tch!”


Adriana was then bullied further for reporting the video as it began to spread on TikTok and Snapchat.

Her grieving father, Michael Kuch, reported that the brutal beating occurred because one of the girls was jealous of Adriana’s friendship with another girl. He also said that his daughter ultimately ended her life because she was “embarrassed” about the video that was rapidly spreading throughout social media.

Michael Kuch, Adriana Kuch’s father

“She was so embarrassed that they jumped her,” Mr. Kuch said. “She would say, ‘I don’t want to be made fun of.'”

“It was like she was attacked twice.”

“It used to be you’d go to school, get bullied, and then you left,” he continued. “But now you come home and you keep getting bullied – they still keep picking at you [at] home.”

Mr. Kuch, who served in the U.S. Army for 22 years, also revealed that Adriana’s school took no action whatsoever against the bullies following the physical assault. It wasn’t until he took his bruised and bloodied daughter to the police station that law enforcement got involved.

Michael Kuch

“I can’t begin to tell you how angry I am at the school, at the police department… if those videos hadn’t been posted, these girls would have ended up with a one-day suspension or in no trouble at all.”

“The [school] has done nothing,” Mr. Kuch said. “They should not be in charge of our children’s safety.”

He is now calling for all of the school’s staff to be fired for their negligence.

As Kuch and his wife prepare themselves to bury their teenage daughter, the school superintendent, Triantafillos Parlapanides, is disgustingly defending himself on social media. On social media, he had the audacity to write, “There are two sides to every story.”

This is an adult who is in charge of an entire school full of children. The only side to this story is that a bullying incident got so severely out of hand that a young girl killed herself.

Schools are so focused on LGBTQ+ education and helping their kids transition that they are ignoring the real problems going on inside their walls. Assaults like the one Adriana endured should never be condoned, and the girls involved should have immediately been reported by the staff, and the police should have immediately gotten involved.

Maybe the superintendent wasn’t informed right away, but then he should have policies in place that require incidents like this one to be immediately reported to him.

Instead, Adriana was only taken to the school nurse.

When asked why the attackers weren’t expelled immediately, or why the police weren’t called, Mr. Kuch was told that it’s not the school’s “policy.”

“If they had only just called the police and the girls would have been rounded up there and then, everybody would have seen it was wrong,” Mr. Kuch said. “It pains me how easily this all could have been solved.”

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