Dave Rubin is a former progressive liberal who now considers himself a  “classical liberal.” Rubin stunned his followers when he became an outspoken fan of Trump over his unflinching defense of capitalism.

During an interview on Blaze TV, Rubin revealed that he planned to cast his vote for Trump in 2020. Rubin said, “I am voting for Trump,” he said. “I just literally can’t see a way around it. It just is what it is.”

Rubin, like millions of Americans, was convinced the 2020 election was stolen. The former progressive liberal has been very vocal about election fraud is has been speaking out about critical upcoming elections.

Only moments ago, the top-rated talk show shared an AP article warning about the genuine possibility of hackers affecting the election outcome. Security experts warn that information released during Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium and the Antrim County, MI, court-approved forensic investigation of the Dominion Voting machines has left the election wide-open to fraud.

Curiously, the article never mentions that California is allowing voters to print their own ballots at home or that voters have been given the option to mail in their ballots on the same day as the election. Are they so worried about Governor Gavin Newsom’s unpopularity that they’re setting up a scenario where they will blame Mike Lindell or Constitutional Attorney Matt DePerno for sharing the results of their investigation into voter machine fraud?

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Dave Rubin shared a copy of the letter he received from California informing him that he can vote-by-mail on the day of the recall election.

Rubin wrote: The CA machine is ready to fix the election if they don’t get the results they like. I just got this email. You can mail in your ballot until the day of voting…so if they don’t get the result they like when voting stops, they’ll magically find more votes over the next few days.

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As the CA recall election gets closer, more and more stories are coming out about how CA election officials are finding new ways to steal the election.

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