Early Friday morning at around 2:30 am, an attacker allegedly broke into Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s $6 million San Francisco mansion. According to police reports, Nancy’s husband, 82-yr-old Paul Pelosi, called 911 to report the incident.

David DePape, who appears to be a mentally unstable individual, was identified as the person who broke into the Pelosi home, allegedly through a sliding glass door—oops! Scratch that; the story changed after internet sleuths called the story about DePape breaking into the mansion because the glass was mostly seen on the outside of the window.

Even President Trump commented on the insanity of the so-called break-in of the Pelosi mansion. Trump even commented on 82-yr-old Paul Pelosi’s recent drunk driving accident and subsequent arrest:

Now, media reports are saying he actually broke in through a window in the backyard (where there are no visible photos). When the police arrived, it was first reported that DePape was standing in his underwear—that story has also now changed to say DePape was not in his underwear. Was he naked? And how did Paul Pelosi know his name when he called 911 and referred to him as “a friend?”

And while the leftist media would like to portray this man as a Trump following white, Christian, conservative, he also posted long rants about religion, saying ‘Jesus is the antichrist.’ But, of course, a conservative Christian would believe such a statement is blasphemous.

DePape’s home in Berkeley is dubbed a “hippie collective,” according to neighbors. Beyond that, not much more is yet known about the young man with the rainbow (gay) flag hanging from the front of his home in Berkeley, CA.

So is DePape gay? And why was he standing in his underwear in Pelosi’s home next to Paul Pelosi? And while we’re asking questions, who was the person inside Paul Pelosi’s vehicle when he was arrested for a DUI several months ago?

The home where DePape allegedly lives also had the typical leftist virtue-signaling messages, like “Black Lives Matter” and “Berkeley Stands UNITED Against Hate.”

David DePape was arrested and has since been federally charged with assault and attempted kidnapping. He pleaded “not guilty” last night to all charges and will appear again in court on Friday.

Last night public defender Adam Lipson met with the alleged attacker David DePape,  for a brief meeting. This morning, he held a press conference to address his client’s current situation. During the press conference, Lipson mentioned the “speculation” about  his client’s “vulnerability to misinformation.” He also said he was “pleased to hear Mr. Pelosi is recovering” and added that there have been a “lot of rumors” and “speculation on the case and that he has not even seen the police report yet.

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