More than $3.5 million is expected to be wasted on the Wisconsin recount. How will WI residents feel when the overall result changes by 3 or 4 votes? Will this turn Democrats off to their crybaby party who has no problem burdening taxpayers with this ridiculous dog and pony show?
Wisconsin recount totals for day 2 show that Donald Trump has inched ahead by a couple additional votes. Three to be exact.

The Wisconsin Election Commission posts recount data on a spreadsheet every day. The latest spreadsheet totals as of 1:30 p.m. CST on December 3 show that the recount isn’t changing much, although a smattering of errors have been found throughout the state. The candidates each lost and gained a smattering of votes in towns, cities, and villages that are reporting, so any losses were basically cancelled out.

The Election Commission doesn’t tally the returns, but, rather, just posts a raw spreadsheet of numbers. Heavy went through the spreadsheet and tallied the lost and gained votes for Trump and Clinton for each county so far, and then subtracted the two totals for a net gain or loss for day 2.

Here’s what the returns show so far:

Day 2 totals
Clinton gained 89 votes but lost 86 for a net gain of 3 votes.
Trump gained 98 votes but lost 92 for a net gain of 6 votes.


Clinton gained 3 votes
Trump gained 6 votes
Net Trump gain of 3 votes on Day 2

Trump won Wisconsin by more than 22,000 votes.

That means that Trump inched ahead by a grand total of 3 votes in a recount expected to cost more than $3.5 million. Green Party nominee Jill Stein raised more than $6 million to fund recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The latter two recounts are now bogged down in legal issues and challenges. On December 3, Stein dropped her request for a Pennsylvania recount, saying she couldn’t afford the $1 million required, even though she raised $7 million overall for recounts. Clinton would have needed all three states – Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan – to flip in order to take the White House back from Trump, an exceedingly tall order.

In Wisconsin, Trump supporters sued to stop the recount, alleging it was not being conducted uniformly (some counties use paper ballots and others use machines). A judge said the recount could continue at least until a December 9 hearing. The Wisconsin recount is the first in the 2016 presidential election. – Heavy

We all know this recount idea was hatched for the sole purpose of making Trump look like an illegitimate President. Should taxpayers have to pay for this, or should it be billed back to the DNC or to Jill Stein and Hillary’s campaign? 


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