When America elected a Community Agitator, they had no idea what that would mean for our nation. Does everyone get it now? You can take the community agitator out of the community, but you can’t take the agitator out of him… 

Obama’s guest list includes the recently arrested Black Lives Matter terror group leader, DeRay McKesson. McKesson was arrested on July 9th in Baton Rouge, LA for obstruction of a roadway during Black Lives Matter agitator event:

In addition to Deray, who advocated looting for political purposes, Obama also is meeting with Mica Grimm, who is a leader from the Minnesota group who has been responsible for shuting down highways.

Perhaps you may recall there famous chant on the highway last August? 


h/t Weasel Zippers

Here’s a look at the race obsessed Mica Grimm:

Here is a guest list provided by CBS News White House Correspondent: Mark Knoller:

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